Holiday Freedom

The idea behind 'Holiday Freedom' is very simple yet deeply profound -

"Start with the end in mind"

Know exactly what it would feel like to be in the most ideal situation of your life and then follow a path that allows the circumstances to naturally align themselves for that experience.

Holiday is a very useful concept that most people can relate to. Since we already have associations of pleasant past experiences, this word comes charged with positive emotions and can be used as a key to start bringing desirable energies into our awareness.

Freedom is a universal feeling that everyone resonates with. It is a natural part of us when we are born but seems to be “educated” out of us as we grow. The purpose of this resource is to bring the relevant innate understandings back to the forefront of our awareness in order to be able to experience our preferred states on a continuous basis. As you are reading this, you are already taking steps towards unlocking that potential.

When we combine Holiday with Freedom, we create a powerful trigger phrase that can rapidly bring the associated positive energies of our preferred state into our awareness. Any decisions we make from that space would result in situations that continue to support and reinforce that state of being. In many ways, as I am inspired to write this, I’m doing that now.

Sensei in Meditation

I am a writer, an artist, a poet, a scientist, a philosopher, a martial artist, healer, teacher, and a friend. My birth name is Dmitriy, yet through my martial arts background, I am now most commonly known as Sensei. That is a Japanese title which means teacher and is an expression that I strongly resonate with.

I’m also on a journey of self-realisation, just like you. For many years, I’ve been observing the world - seeing how things work and figuring out what elements are necessary to make a positive change in people’s lives. Just like a scientist working out a formula for a useful invention, I’ve been working out a formula for joyful living.

Whilst there is still much room for expansion of my understandings, it feels like the wisdom I’ve attained so far can already start being useful to others.

Shared with inspiration,