Holiday Freedom

Being on holiday has its appeal ‒ Our senses are open and freedom feels real

I wonder if having such pleasant sensations
Can be achieved without changing locations

Do you remember a time when you were on holiday and felt totally free?...
Free to feel good. Free to talk to anyone. Free to experience each moment to the fullest...

Those positive states are actually available to us at any time and experiencing them is just a matter of changing our perspective.

Look at it this way - as you are saving up and preparing to go on holiday to another place, other people are doing the same, only to come to where you are right now! Yes, people in other countries are actually going to be spending money to travel to your town.

So, what's the difference? Why is it so difficult to feel like we are on holiday unless we are physically at a different destination?

Well, changing physical location makes it easier to disassociate from old programs. Even though we can feel good at any time, we have trained ourselves to make that feeling be a "reward". We feel that positive states have to be "earned", and if we just feel good for no reason, then we don't deserve it and are pressured to feel guilty. That is a belief that we've picked up as we were growing up.

Did you know that, as children, we are naturally in the "holiday" state all the time. We look at each moment as an ongoing adventure - seeing each situation as an opportunity for new and exciting experiences. This is what is meant to be "child like" - having a curious approach and excited appreciation towards everything around us.

Question: How do we begin to change our perspective and start having experiences that we truly prefer?
Answer We start by carefully examining our definitions to see if they still serve us.

Realising the power of our Definitions

Everything around us is actually fundamentally neutral and has no build-in meaning. It is our job to decide what things mean to us and thereby determine how we experience them. Our relationship with each situation is what determines the type of effect we are likely to receive.

In order to recreate the feeling of being on holiday, wherever we are, we need to first be clear about our definitions.

Here is a definition of holiday that resonates strongly with me:

"Holiday is a period of time when we feel free to enjoy ourselves without inhibitions"

Having this definition is very useful as it opens up the possibility to experiencing that state any time, any place. It's a good starting point, but the picture does not yet feel complete - it seems like there are some puzzle pieces still missing...

What is "Freedom", what is "Joy", what are "Inhibitions"?

As we continue to explore these concepts, we begin to mould our perception and start experiencing the states of being that we truly prefer.

Ready for more?

We have now begun a journey towards a life that feels like we are on holiday all the time. In this state, we feel good wherever we are, and changing location just becomes an optional extra.

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Each day, there are more and more people waking to the possibilities available to them. They begin to see the world as a reflection of their most dominant thoughts and thus are able to mould their experience to be like a joyful playground for their hearts' content.

Thank you for your attention. It has been a true privilege to share these understandings with you.